Hey! My name is Larry “KS” Streeter

Who am I? I have been an entrepreneur most of my life. I began having satisfactory success shortly after deciding to do event planning and promotion back in 2007. After hundreds of hours invested in research, I now look back and realize how I became successful. Back then having little money to start with: connecting with the outside world as I felt I needed to was not an option. So it was decided my only option was to learn how to seek out and communicate with my audience via popular social media outlets. Over the years I organically grew to 10.7 thousand followers and garnered over 100 thousand video views across various social media platforms. Gaining the ability to effortlessly keep long-term relationships that would support me in almost any new venture pursued. What I wasn’t aware of was that the reason these relationships where so successful is because the people who followed me online not only saw what I was doing on the business end over the years but also got a peek into my personal life. This was the key to success that was right under my nose.


Present day I am a self-taught video producer bringing visions to life since 2013. Producing well over 400 videos from many categories. Experience has revealed personal video productions are simply for one of two purposes; brand development or capturing memories.  My current focus is video marketing for entrepreneurs. Taking time to consult with clients to understand their mission beyond their product or service. Once this is realized, videos can be produced that humanizes the brand, allowing real connections to a targeted audience through creative storytelling. Providing consistent content will equate to more sells. This indirect formula of marketing the brand’s intentions to provide a necessary product or service is the future of PR and marketing. The days of intrusive and annoying hard sells are being replaced with days of charm and finesse. Today’s buyers want to do business with people they like, even if that means spending a little extra money.

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