“A good video producer can not only create amazing visuals with a large budget. But is also creative enough to produce great imagery with smaller budgets.”

Video production can be expensive. In a world where most of the population has their eyes glued to their smartphones video marketing is an essential investment. So the question I want to answer is, with literally thousands of videographers in every city. How can you choose the perfect video producer up for your specific task? I have heard numerous horror stories from clients. “I booked them and they never showed up”. “They showed up but came extremely late”. “I paid them in full, they showed up, filmed, and I never heard from them again”. You name it; I have heard it. You can never truly be 100% sure of one’s character when choosing a new business partner. But armed with the information I’m going to share with you. You can drastically reduce the possibility of experiencing a match made in hell.

Your mindset is going to determine how you approach the hunt. So let’s start there. Think of choosing a video producer exactly how you would choose a business partner. Especially if the video you’re looking to produce is to market your product or service. Asking the right questions can get you off to a good start. Here is a list of questions that can be asked in screening for a long-term video production partner. Questions are in no particular order.

  • What does your production company do exactly? (and why)

    • Knowing what services the company you’re considering is important. This will let you know is this a “one-stop shop” or will you end up searching for another entity to complete your project.
  • Do you see my vision?

    • After explaining what you’re looking to create, does he or she see your vision? If you are not amazed by the way this video producer explains how they plan to bring your vision to life. You probably are not going to be amazed by the finished product.
  • Is your potential video producer’s commitment to the business as strong as yours?

    • Try to gauge the producer’s work ethic. Do they have a time window in which projects are usually done in? Are they ready to get started right away? Do they own or have immediate access to the gear they need to get your project done?
  • How would he or she handle a difficult situation?

    • Filming is not always done in controlled settings. If what you’re looking to capture requires some problem-solving skills. Such as filming in tight or crowded spaces, or on the move. Make sure your producer has the experience and is equipped to capture quality footage in these situations.
  • What questions do they have for you?

    • Most important of all. Does he or she seem genuinely interested in bringing your vision to life? But also understand what your brand’s image is. Brand image and consistency is what attracts and keeps your audience. Be sure your video producer has enough passion for picking your brain and creating the perfect visual tailored to your brand image.
  • Are they willing to put everything in writing?

    • Having some an agreement of what services provided, total cost, turnaround time about other details of what’s expected from both parties not only protects your business, it protects the other party and keeps you accountable too.
  • What Motivates You?

    • Working with someone who is in video production for the love of the art is an obvious plus. On the other hand, working with someone that does video production only because it pays well can be a reason for you to keep searching.
  • Have you done it before?

    • Finding out if this company or person specializes in the type of video(s) you’re looking to produce is even more important. Yes, it is possible for someone who has never done the type of video you’re looking to create. But always do your research.  Ask for links or samples of projects similar to the one(s) you’re looking to have produced.

Ok after your screening process is complete. There is one more test I’d recommend you give a try. This is an essential test for those looking for a long-term video producer. Give your new hire a small inexpensive project to work on. This is a good idea if this person didn’t come as a referral from a trusted source. Still what works for one person may not work for the other. Think of a project that can be of value to your brand. Better yet be honest with your video producer. Tell them you’d like to do a small project with a set budget and ask if they have a recommendation. This would be the perfect opportunity for your top pick to show you that they paid attention to your reasons for seeking video production. This will give you a glimpse of their creative potential.

I hope this article was helpful in finding your perfect video producer. The world of marketing is constantly evolving. Keep an open mind, be creative, and keep ongoing content to keep your brand relevant. The survival of your brand depends on it.

Written by: Larry “KS” Streeter


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