Why Do I Need to Constantly Create Content?

(When millionaires say you need to put 10 or more hours a day into your business for success what should you be doing?)

Getting the attention of potential clients is the easy part. Even a business owner putting in minimum effect can attract a few clients just doing the bare minimum. But putting in the extra effort to keep the ones you attracted engaged is the key to long-term business success. Creating or hiring someone to create ongoing content tailored to your target audience is the difference from those that make a living from what their business generates and those that say they have their own business but have to work a job to make ends meet.

The truth is that the owner of the company you work for knows that success takes a consistent 10 or more hour per day commitment. The labor hours you and your coworkers put in on daily bases is making them millions. Take a minute to think how much your employer affords to pay you and your coworkers per hour everyday… it’s time to wake up if you have any desire to build your own empire. You may think that the CEO sitting at his desk is just some lazy person cracking a whip. Well maybe he or she is cracking a whip but the truth is there not lazy. They are working smart. They have figured out what most never will. They understand how to keep people interested in their product or service. They have mastered relationships.

But here’s where it gets interesting if you do some research online about your company. Only to find that the company you’re working for is lacking a wealth of content, you may soon be out of a job. This more than likely means the owner of the company you work for has been successful doing things the old way. Meaning their business is generated primarily through cold calls, trade shows, and other networking events to meet new clients. Phone conversations, company parties and mailed or emailed holiday greeting cards to keep relationships engaged. These tactics will never completely go out of style, but  Unfortunately smarter Internet-savvy competitors are going to hypnotize their clients with content that will over time win their clients business if they don’t use online supplementation. Even more interesting, the clients that they worked so hard to convince their company was the best will be seduced by a company that literally sat back in a chair and batted their hook and cast a line out into the vast ocean you know of as the Internet.

What bait works best?

Well, first you should take a second to ask yourself what gets your attention. Just like fishermen can analyze and adapt his bate depending what they desire to catch, you can easily evaluate yourself or put yourself in the shoes of whomever your target audience is. If you find this confusing I’d recommend hiring someone to create and manage your content. But I’m going to break this down for you the best I can.

What do people want?

Human nature is not something we can just turn off. So let’s start there. We naturally want to learn. Think about that. Isn’t that why you’re reading this article? You want to better yourself, you want to grow. So wouldn’t it make since to attract people by creating valuable content that relates to your brand? For example, let’s say you sell lemons. I wanted to use this because I’m sure this put a sour taste in your mouth. Now watch this. Did you know that lemons have a wealth of health benefits? Consuming lemons can actually preserve your body longer. Now if I sold lemons and gave you this information, who would you buy your lemons from? Would it be me or the guy who walks up and down the street yelling in a monotone voice lemons! Lemons! Get your lemons! Ok, is it starting to make sense now? A great way to lure your lucky consumers is education.

What’s another human weakness?

People love to do what everyone else is doing. Wouldn’t you agree? If I had several people talking about my brand positively would it get your attention? If the answer is yes then you’d agree that client reviews about how great your product and customer service is could work wonders in attracting clients seeking the same experience?

Share other peoples content?

Let’s not neglect the fact that we all look to our competitors and other businesses for ideas, wisdom, and just plan being nosy. People want to do business with other people. So why not share some of your favorite articles and post. If you are truly a good person what better way to show people then to promote others. Show people that you are a human being and it’s not all about your brand. Show people that you too have learned a thing or two from other great people like yourself. And share the information that you learn on your site so they don’t have to seek it anywhere else.

You have earned the right to promote your product or service.

Now that you have provided so much value to your audience you now can offer your product or service. You have educated, entertained, and inspired. Your audience now knows who your brand is and what it is about. Chances are by at this point they have probably become a fan and followed or subscribed to your content.  Its only right that those who have been indulging in your content at least consider spending there hard earn money with you rather than a brand who they barely know anything about. They will now be interested in what you have to offer. Think about this. Do you pay attention to random sells post or banners on sites you visit? Probably not, you went to that site to learn, be entertained, or just be nosy. Give your audience a reason to come to your website besides spending their money and you will win the trust and respect you deserve.


Written By: Larry “KS” Streeter

Photo credit: Larry “KS” Streeter


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