Why Do I Need to Constantly Create Content?

Why Do I Need to Constantly Create Content?

Why Do I Need to Constantly Create Content?

(When millionaires say you need to put 10 or more hours a day into your business for success what should you be doing?)

Getting the attention of potential clients is the easy part. Even a business owner putting in minimum effect can attract a few clients just doing the bare minimum. But putting in the extra effort to keep the ones you attracted engaged is the key to long-term business success. Creating or hiring someone to create ongoing content tailored to your target audience is the difference from those that make a living from what their business generates and those that say they have their own business but have to work a job to make ends meet.

The truth is that the owner of the company you work for knows that success takes a consistent 10 or more hour per day commitment. The labor hours you and your coworkers put in on daily bases is making them millions. Take a minute to think how much your employer affords to pay you and your coworkers per hour everyday… it’s time to wake up if you have any desire to build your own empire. You may think that the CEO sitting at his desk is just some lazy person cracking a whip. Well maybe he or she is cracking a whip but the truth is there not lazy. They are working smart. They have figured out what most never will. They understand how to keep people interested in their product or service. They have mastered relationships.

But here’s where it gets interesting if you do some research online about your company. Only to find that the company you’re working for is lacking a wealth of content, you may soon be out of a job. This more than likely means the owner of the company you work for has been successful doing things the old way. Meaning their business is generated primarily through cold calls, trade shows, and other networking events to meet new clients. Phone conversations, company parties and mailed or emailed holiday greeting cards to keep relationships engaged. These tactics will never completely go out of style, but  Unfortunately smarter Internet-savvy competitors are going to hypnotize their clients with content that will over time win their clients business if they don’t use online supplementation. Even more interesting, the clients that they worked so hard to convince their company was the best will be seduced by a company that literally sat back in a chair and batted their hook and cast a line out into the vast ocean you know of as the Internet.

What bait works best?

Well, first you should take a second to ask yourself what gets your attention. Just like fishermen can analyze and adapt his bate depending what they desire to catch, you can easily evaluate yourself or put yourself in the shoes of whomever your target audience is. If you find this confusing I’d recommend hiring someone to create and manage your content. But I’m going to break this down for you the best I can.

What do people want?

Human nature is not something we can just turn off. So let’s start there. We naturally want to learn. Think about that. Isn’t that why you’re reading this article? You want to better yourself, you want to grow. So wouldn’t it make since to attract people by creating valuable content that relates to your brand? For example, let’s say you sell lemons. I wanted to use this because I’m sure this put a sour taste in your mouth. Now watch this. Did you know that lemons have a wealth of health benefits? Consuming lemons can actually preserve your body longer. Now if I sold lemons and gave you this information, who would you buy your lemons from? Would it be me or the guy who walks up and down the street yelling in a monotone voice lemons! Lemons! Get your lemons! Ok, is it starting to make sense now? A great way to lure your lucky consumers is education.

What’s another human weakness?

People love to do what everyone else is doing. Wouldn’t you agree? If I had several people talking about my brand positively would it get your attention? If the answer is yes then you’d agree that client reviews about how great your product and customer service is could work wonders in attracting clients seeking the same experience?

Share other peoples content?

Let’s not neglect the fact that we all look to our competitors and other businesses for ideas, wisdom, and just plan being nosy. People want to do business with other people. So why not share some of your favorite articles and post. If you are truly a good person what better way to show people then to promote others. Show people that you are a human being and it’s not all about your brand. Show people that you too have learned a thing or two from other great people like yourself. And share the information that you learn on your site so they don’t have to seek it anywhere else.

You have earned the right to promote your product or service.

Now that you have provided so much value to your audience you now can offer your product or service. You have educated, entertained, and inspired. Your audience now knows who your brand is and what it is about. Chances are by at this point they have probably become a fan and followed or subscribed to your content.  Its only right that those who have been indulging in your content at least consider spending there hard earn money with you rather than a brand who they barely know anything about. They will now be interested in what you have to offer. Think about this. Do you pay attention to random sells post or banners on sites you visit? Probably not, you went to that site to learn, be entertained, or just be nosy. Give your audience a reason to come to your website besides spending their money and you will win the trust and respect you deserve.


Written By: Larry “KS” Streeter

Photo credit: Larry “KS” Streeter


​Choose Your Clients Wisely. (When doing what you love, you deserve to work with clients you love to work with.)

​Choose Your Clients Wisely. (When doing what you love, you deserve to work with clients you love to work with.)

“How will you make your clients feel when they think about your brand? Will you take them to a time when magic entertained them?

~Larry Streeter

The Consumer Is Boss

Yes, it’s true that the world we live in today has made the consumer the boss. As business owners, we have to format our marketing strategies around the client’s desires. Once we have their attention we then must keep them engaged as they decide rather to go with our brand or our competitors. This may sound like a lot of work us as entrepreneurs have to do in this age of the Internet; yes my friend it is. This can be an intimidating and overwhelming thought that keeps a lot of citizens loyal to there 9 to 5 occupations. But you are reading this because you dare to be bold. You are self-motivated and optimistic. You are one of the lucky few that have found your passion. All the time and energy you spend developing your brand barely feels like work. Now that you have made it this far it’s time to channel that time and energy to target those lucky customers whom will benefit from your online content and eventually your product or service. It’s time to decide the kind of clients you want to work with; be creative and target that audience with accuracy.

Some people are a pleasure to work with while others can just be a pain. Personally, my days of trying to work with unreasonably cheap, argumentative, and just impossible to please clients are far behind me. I focus my efforts on seeking qualified clients deserving of my services, consulting, and creativity. The truth is that being good at what you do will attract the good, the bad and the ugly no matter what you do. But I’d like to provide you with some strategies that I use to detour the unreasonably cheap, defuse the ticking time bombs, and keep the beloved.

The Unreasonably Cheap

There is a difference between cheap and unreasonably cheap. I can deal with a person looking for a bargain if there budget is reasonable. But then there are the unreasonably cheap people. These examples happen more often in the service industries. The ones that ask for free samples before committing as a customer. Beware they are more than likely to have plans to get a free service and move into the next victim. An easy way to get the payment you deserve the first time is to simply inform them that you have an extensive portfolio that their more than welcome to review before making a decision.  Then there’s those that try to get you to do work against your set payment structure because they have been “burned” before and think you’ll take their money and not do the work. You are a professional and have clients to vouch. You should not have to pay for the mistakes made by someone with bad business practices. Chances are the reverse will happen. This situation almost always ends up with you losing a client. The client gets the finished product at half price because they told you they would pay the final balance when they see the finished product. Some financial issues come up in there life.  Then not only do you lose time, money and the client! Why? Because the client will rather hire someone else for the next job than to pay their balance plus the cost of the next project. If you have accumulated a large portfolio of your work as proof of your quality then you more then likely also have plenty clients willing to vouch for your service and professionalism. Don’t lose money, clients and time being tricked into no longer being the clients top priority to get you paid for there finished product.

The Ticking Time Bombs

There will be instances where you will encounter clients whom the only goal is to ruin as much of your life as you will allow. Learning to spot these types will save you a lot of stress, time, and avoid the negative reviews they can’t wait to spread about your brand. Believe me when I say once you give in to this kind of client you will never be able to tame there lust for confusion. No matter how many favors you extend to repay the wrongs they have convinced you that you have committed. They will always find flaws in the service you provided. This is a tactic they use in order to trick you into believing you now owe them a favor to stay in their good graces. They praise your work and thank you but will always add at least one issue they found wrong with your work. If you’re like me you strive for perfection and this issue they claim to have found can naturally make you fill as if your service has less value. Knowing this they will either ask you to throw in something extra or ask you to discount the next project hinting “well there was that mistake you made”. Don’t fall into this never-ending cycle. The repellent for these type of clients is as follows. When they first attempt to start a disagreement with you, tell them your policies and rates then offer them a place they can review your work. Let them know that you are preoccupied at the moment and they can consider taking advantage of your great services and give you a call back once they have made up there mind. This will either defuse this ticking time bomb and they will respect you or it will make them the next persons problem. Either way, you don’t want a client that doesn’t respect you and starts the relationship trying to gain leverage over you.

The Beloved 

Last but not certainly not the least client type I want to discuss are those you started your business for in the first place. Just as sure as there are bad seeds. You can rest assured that you’re going to come across just as many class acts. The clients that are humble, loyal and as long as you keep professional and reliable not only will they keep coming back but they will spread great reviews and refer you whenever the opportunity presents. Don’t waste time doing favors for those mentioned earlier to prove your worth and neglect your dream clients. Do the favors for them, go the extra mile when possible. Give them the something extra or discount every now and again even when you know they would gladly pay in full. Over time you’ll have plenty clients like this that will be loyal and support your business through dry spells. Take care of your prized clients and they will take care of you.


I hope you found this information helpful. Just thought I’d share a few things that I wish I didn’t have to learn the hard way. Remember success is not a destination it’s a lifestyle. Avoid those that want to slow you down or even hold you back. If you truly want to enjoy making a living from your passion. Focus on growing a wealth loyal clients that you love working with. And I believe your life will inevitably be filled with Bliss and Financial freedom.

Written by: Larry “KS” Streeter

How Do I Choose The Right Videographer? (Never get ripped off again.)

How Do I Choose The Right Videographer? (Never get ripped off again.)

“A good video producer can not only create amazing visuals with a large budget. But is also creative enough to produce great imagery with smaller budgets.”

Video production can be expensive. In a world where most of the population has their eyes glued to their smartphones video marketing is an essential investment. So the question I want to answer is, with literally thousands of videographers in every city. How can you choose the perfect video producer up for your specific task? I have heard numerous horror stories from clients. “I booked them and they never showed up”. “They showed up but came extremely late”. “I paid them in full, they showed up, filmed, and I never heard from them again”. You name it; I have heard it. You can never truly be 100% sure of one’s character when choosing a new business partner. But armed with the information I’m going to share with you. You can drastically reduce the possibility of experiencing a match made in hell.

Your mindset is going to determine how you approach the hunt. So let’s start there. Think of choosing a video producer exactly how you would choose a business partner. Especially if the video you’re looking to produce is to market your product or service. Asking the right questions can get you off to a good start. Here is a list of questions that can be asked in screening for a long-term video production partner. Questions are in no particular order.

  • What does your production company do exactly? (and why)

    • Knowing what services the company you’re considering is important. This will let you know is this a “one-stop shop” or will you end up searching for another entity to complete your project.
  • Do you see my vision?

    • After explaining what you’re looking to create, does he or she see your vision? If you are not amazed by the way this video producer explains how they plan to bring your vision to life. You probably are not going to be amazed by the finished product.
  • Is your potential video producer’s commitment to the business as strong as yours?

    • Try to gauge the producer’s work ethic. Do they have a time window in which projects are usually done in? Are they ready to get started right away? Do they own or have immediate access to the gear they need to get your project done?
  • How would he or she handle a difficult situation?

    • Filming is not always done in controlled settings. If what you’re looking to capture requires some problem-solving skills. Such as filming in tight or crowded spaces, or on the move. Make sure your producer has the experience and is equipped to capture quality footage in these situations.
  • What questions do they have for you?

    • Most important of all. Does he or she seem genuinely interested in bringing your vision to life? But also understand what your brand’s image is. Brand image and consistency is what attracts and keeps your audience. Be sure your video producer has enough passion for picking your brain and creating the perfect visual tailored to your brand image.
  • Are they willing to put everything in writing?

    • Having some an agreement of what services provided, total cost, turnaround time about other details of what’s expected from both parties not only protects your business, it protects the other party and keeps you accountable too.
  • What Motivates You?

    • Working with someone who is in video production for the love of the art is an obvious plus. On the other hand, working with someone that does video production only because it pays well can be a reason for you to keep searching.
  • Have you done it before?

    • Finding out if this company or person specializes in the type of video(s) you’re looking to produce is even more important. Yes, it is possible for someone who has never done the type of video you’re looking to create. But always do your research.  Ask for links or samples of projects similar to the one(s) you’re looking to have produced.

Ok after your screening process is complete. There is one more test I’d recommend you give a try. This is an essential test for those looking for a long-term video producer. Give your new hire a small inexpensive project to work on. This is a good idea if this person didn’t come as a referral from a trusted source. Still what works for one person may not work for the other. Think of a project that can be of value to your brand. Better yet be honest with your video producer. Tell them you’d like to do a small project with a set budget and ask if they have a recommendation. This would be the perfect opportunity for your top pick to show you that they paid attention to your reasons for seeking video production. This will give you a glimpse of their creative potential.

I hope this article was helpful in finding your perfect video producer. The world of marketing is constantly evolving. Keep an open mind, be creative, and keep ongoing content to keep your brand relevant. The survival of your brand depends on it.

Written by: Larry “KS” Streeter


About KSBlissMedia’s C.E.O

About KSBlissMedia’s C.E.O

Hey! My name is Larry “KS” Streeter

Who am I? I have been an entrepreneur most of my life. I began having satisfactory success shortly after deciding to do event planning and promotion back in 2007. After hundreds of hours invested in research, I now look back and realize how I became successful. Back then having little money to start with: connecting with the outside world as I felt I needed to was not an option. So it was decided my only option was to learn how to seek out and communicate with my audience via popular social media outlets. Over the years I organically grew to 10.7 thousand followers and garnered over 100 thousand video views across various social media platforms. Gaining the ability to effortlessly keep long-term relationships that would support me in almost any new venture pursued. What I wasn’t aware of was that the reason these relationships where so successful is because the people who followed me online not only saw what I was doing on the business end over the years but also got a peek into my personal life. This was the key to success that was right under my nose.


Present day I am a self-taught video producer bringing visions to life since 2013. Producing well over 400 videos from many categories. Experience has revealed personal video productions are simply for one of two purposes; brand development or capturing memories.  My current focus is video marketing for entrepreneurs. Taking time to consult with clients to understand their mission beyond their product or service. Once this is realized, videos can be produced that humanizes the brand, allowing real connections to a targeted audience through creative storytelling. Providing consistent content will equate to more sells. This indirect formula of marketing the brand’s intentions to provide a necessary product or service is the future of PR and marketing. The days of intrusive and annoying hard sells are being replaced with days of charm and finesse. Today’s buyers want to do business with people they like, even if that means spending a little extra money.